The Cardamom Quartet used innovative and engaging techniques with our high school students. They taught elements of music composition using visuals accessible to all, and helped many of our students who are not music majors gained new knowledge about music. The quartet also modeled risk-taking behavior by improvising live using student ideas. Some students chose to do further work with the quartet, and were able to express their ideas in creative ways using the quartet’s music. All of our students were able to see how art can be used in unexpected ways to express ideas and make connections.
— Amanda Hanna, teacher

Open Rehearsals

Students get engaged with the rehearsal process by acting as detectives to make close-up observations, and help coach the quartet to have a successful rehearsal.

open rehearsal

Interactive Performances

The quartet designs each performance for the particular audience, creating relevance, and  finding ways for audience members to become a part of the music-making.



Cardamom Quartet members work with string players at all levels. Students learn how a quartet makes decisions together by learning these skills as they play and improvise together.